Inspiration for the Heart(Love)-Consciousness

"Appreciation turns Fear into Love - the recollection to the devine what we really are"
"Freedomt/Peace/Love begins with the GOD-in-us-awareness"
"If you embrace life/GOD - life will embrace you"
Love - just love?!

Does Evil exist?


THE SHACK (audiobook - listen/download)

Heart-Art - Nahko / MedicineForThePeople (mucic-video, mp3 - watch/listen/download)

Love without conditions (audiobook - listen/download)

Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East - Vol.1-4 (e-book - read/download)

  Ways of Christ - Jesus, the spirituality and the world (e-book - read/download)

Neale Donald Walsch - Conversations with (the loving) GOD (audiobook & e-books - listen/read/download)

naturally delight & wisdom
(e-books - read/download)

Why The Hopi Elders Talk (blogg)

How To Loose The Mind (e-book - read/download)

A Course In Miracles - Jesus` help us to our own teacher (inside) (e-book - read/download)

Pachakutec - Time Of Change (Film / Trailer)

Beinsa Douno - The New Teaching
Introduction to the White Brotherhood    Methods
The Master Speaks

a synthesis of ancient Eastern beliefs and modern Western thought and a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific

Earth Pilgrims (youtube video)

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Is there a way out of the crisis - What Love Is Not (youtube video)

The Little Soul And The Sun - A story to understand (Video, audio-book, e-book - watch/listen/read/download)
The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning  - unbelievable? (Film - watch/download)

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross     Facing Death (Film - watch/download)