What If You Could Go Back and Put Things Right?

William Paul Young

W.P.Young once again grips our heart like he did with "The Shack". He tells an amazing story that fills the gap between the depths of pain, and the presence, grace, and restorative love of God.

Cross Roads, like The Shack, will create many testimonies of lives inspired and lives transformed just from having read this book. Cross Roads will be a blessing to many, reminding them that all things work together for good and that God cares for everyone and every element of their lives.

Inspiration, renewed hope, and encouragement will come to all who read the book. It will remind readers to not only grasp the truth, but to live in that truth. It will also reach readers who are in the box starving to get out, as well as readers who do not even see the box any longer.

It will be one of the most profound books of fiction that you will ever read, simply because the truths within it are affirming, revelatory, and have the potential to be life changing. I whole heartily recommend it.

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